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Top 3 Dirty Divorce Tricks

Top 3 Dirty Divorce Tricks

During a divorce, some spouses treat each other terribly. Each spouse tries to get the “upper-
hand,” and acts with cruelty and deceit. Their behavior makes it hard to believe these two (2)
people could have ever loved one another. As divorce lawyers, we are aware of these nasty
behaviors. Here are the top three dirty tricks in a divorce:

1. Conflicting Out the Top Divorce Lawyers

Many times, a husband or wife makes an appointment with every top lawyer in the town, for the
sole purpose of conflicting out that attorney. Then, their spouse is prevented from hiring a
divorce lawyer equivalent to their legal counsel.

2. Firing Your Lawyer Before Trial

Another dirty trick is firing your divorce lawyer right before trial. Generally, if this occurs, the
Court grants an adjournment of the trial so the party can obtain a new divorce attorney and get
that attorney up to speed. Some spouses do this because they want to prolong the temporary
and favorable orders in their case.

3. Financing Your Lifestyle

During a marriage, it is common for one spouse to control the finances. The other spouse
assumes they are financially stable as they are both working, go on nice vacations, have nice
things, and there was never a discussion about money. Imagine the surprise and
disappointment to learn that their “worry-free” lifestyle was funded by multiple mortgages, loans, and credit cards.

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