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Avvo review

     "Heather was a wonderful guide in the divorce process and sensitive to the fact it wasn't an easy choice. She also help to keep me from being my own worst enemy and achieve the settlement that I wanted and needed. I would recommend her to everyone!"
Great Attorney. (Ami)
     "Heather Nelson was my hired lawyer for my recent divorce. She did an exceptional job of getting me what was rightfully mine as part of the marital assets. Her explanations of different subject matters were clear and fair as to who gets what under the law. I would highly recommend her in any family law case."
Fought for what was right and deserved (Ben)
     "I was a nervous wreck when it came to hiring an attorney on what was easily one of the most critical moments of my life. I tried to do my divorce pro se, but knowing the long term affects it could have on my custody of my children and other matters I knew I needed someone I could count on. Heather Nelson was that person. She guided me every step of the way and made the whole horrible divorce process so much better. It was obvious to me that her professionalism and experience exceeded that of the other attorney in the room. I'd recommend her to anyone."
Professional And Confident (Kara)
     "After consulting with a few other attorneys, Heather was the only one that actually listened to me and my problems. Her professionalism and communication was exactly what I expected from her. Any information that I needed to know about was reported to me as quickly as possible and as straightforward and honest as she could have been !! Would definitely recommend !!"
Heather is an absolute professional !! (Tim)
     "Heather is a really honest person. Very caring and dedicated. She is also very smart and knowledgeable of the law. So glad to have met her."
     "Sometimes you need advice and wise counsel, and Heather Nelson is straight up, and full of knowledge! I’m very pleased with her hard work, honesty, caring attitude, and efficiency. I highly recommend Heather for your representation."
Full Of Knowledge (Steve)
     "I cannot imagine navigating the stormy seas of the divorce process without Heather. She demonstrated the utmost professionalism, treated my kids and me with tremendous respect and empathy, and provided a level of service that far exceeded my expectations. Heather partnered with me to make sure every detail was attended to and that there were no surprises. She took a genuine interest in my family's well-being and gave me excellent advice on every aspect. It was an arduous process, but Heather was a tremendous relief. I trust her implicitly because she earned it. Thank you, Heather. You are truly a blessing!"
     Heather clearly understood my case, represented me professionally, and was very knowledgeable with current laws. I highly recommend her.
Excellent Attorney (Tim)