Divorcing a Difficult Spouse One of the most frequent questions prospective clients ask me is…

Managing Custody and Placement Orders During COVID-19 People’s daily lives are changing rapidly as COVID-19…

A divorce is one of the most stressful events in your life. You never thought this would happen to you. Emotions run high, and you are asked to make life-changing decisions. Here are five common mistakes you should avoid in your divorce action

During a divorce, some spouses treat each other terribly. Each spouse tries to get the “upper-hand,” and acts with cruelty and deceit. Their behavior makes it hard to believe these two (2) people could have ever loved one another. As divorce lawyers, we are aware of these nasty behaviors. Here are the top three dirty tricks in a divorce

For some, a divorce means freedom. For others, it is a loss. Since the 1990s, the divorce rate for people in their 50s has nearly doubled. For women especially, a divorce means learning how to make large economic decisions that their husbands dealt with during their marriage.

RACINE — A recent Racine County Bar Association vote shows that its members vigorously found incumbent Jon Fredrickson more efficient than his challenger attorney Jamie McClendon for the judge seat in Branch 7 of the Racine County Circuit Court.

Officials in Gov. Scott Walker’s administration have dropped a debatable proposal to decrease the amount of money wealthy parents pay in child support.