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The Racine Bar Association Discovers that Frederickson is more Qualified for Judge Seat

RACINE — A recent Racine County Bar Association vote shows that its members vigorously found incumbent Jon Fredrickson more efficient than his challenger attorney Jamie McClendon for the judge seat in Branch 7 of the Racine County Circuit Court.

Racine County Bar Association representatives were asked to vote on the qualifications of the competitors in the upcoming April 2 election.

In late September, former Gov. Scott Walker had selected Fredrickson to serve in Branch 7 of the County Circuit Court. Charles Constantine was replaced by Fredrickson. Charles Constantine has retired after 22 years on the bench.

Before being selected judge, Fredrickson, of Caledonia, worked as an attorney in private practice in Milwaukee. McClendon, of Racine, is an advocate in private practice and a former public supporter in Racine and Ozaukee counties.

Racine County Bar Association members were requested to vote for the candidate they trusted to be the most qualified for that specific position, based on their personal education, investigation or involvement.

The results that were collected showed that Fredrickson obtained 88 votes, while challenger McClendon only received 10 votes. Eight Racine County Bar Association members cast votes believing that both Fredrickson and McClendon were fairly qualified.

The results of the judicial qualification poll, which were released on March 18, were then arranged by the Courts Committee. The candidates were provided the opportunity to be present for the ballot tabulation.



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